Fingerprint Based Biometric Attendance System from Star Link

Star Link Company has established a decent reputation as far as production of quality biometric machines and systems are concerned. One of the famous and necessary biometric system is the fingerprint biometric system. The fingerprint biometric attendance machine from Star Link is adequate with a lot of benefits that serves to the best of your interest. They are well mechanized and technically developed to serve multiple purpose at multiple places.

They are used for forensics across the world, immigration, banking services, attendance for employees and security purposes. Application of these fingerprint biometric systems is accepted in India and the entire world. Products made from Star Link are world class and their reputation proceeds them.

Generally, biometric system accepts human being’s physical and biological features for authentication and verification purpose. The distinctive biological features used are the fingerprints, and the facial symmetries. That is why, the biometric face recognition and fingerprint biometric scanners are most effective in recognition of an individual.

Earlier fingerprint based biometric machines were used only for crime investigation or forensic purposes. Current biometric technologies have advanced the use of fingerprint biometric machines to monitor attendance of employees.Also, they are used in Access Control System to restrict access to sensitive places and data which might be crucial if it lands to unauthorized hands. The biometric fingerprint machines have become a mandatory system globally.

Any basic fingerprint automated biometric system comprises of 4 main features. They are Image capture, Feature extraction, Pattern Matching and the Database. The Feature extraction feature is responsible for determining the feature vector or the unique characteristics of the finger prints. The Image capture is responsible for capturing the biometric data in a modern form to store the data in the respective servers.

The Pattern matching feature is specifically designed to match and compare the feature vectors to get a score. This determines if the finger prints being scanned are in the system or not to either grant or deny access. The database is where all the recorded or captured data is recorded for reference every time a scan is run.

Another related biometric system made by Star Link is the Card Based Biometric Attendance System. The same authentication can be applied with the other biometric systems too. The fingerprint based biometric system have exquisite benefits. They are automatic and they run on real time. This means that the information recorded is up to date.

They are also agent less and cost friendly. The maintenance and installation is cheap. Our professionals can also customize features of your choice into any of our biometric machines when you purchase one.

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