5 Precautions to Take Before Installing EM Locks

Also known as electromagnetic locks, EM locks offer a key-less way of closing and opening a door. This not only helps strengthen your building’s security but is also a cost-effective way for an access control system.

Modern day’s EM locks can be easily integrated with your existing biometric security system. However, many users complain about EM locks’ wrong installation and how it led to a bad user experience.

Therefore, we have come up with five precautions that you should take before installing EM locks.

Understanding the Type of Doors:

Depending on the type of door, you will have to use a different bracket. Also, each door swings differently. This makes it imperative to understand the style of the door before you install EM locks. When it comes to brackets, they are of four primary types:

  • No bracket: It doesn’t matter which way the door swings, provided that it is a wooden door.
  • L bracket: It is perfect for doors that swing outwards and are made of wood.
  • U bracket: It is perfect for glass doors. However, make sure that the glass is at least 10-15mm thick.
  • ZL bracket: It is ideal for wooden doors that swing inwards.

Bring the Right Tools:

Once you have all the necessary information about the doors, you need the right tools to install the EM locks the right way. Besides, it prevents you from going back and forth for necessary equipment. Here are some of the most common tools that you will need to install the EM locks:

  • Bolts
  • Drills
  • Screws
  • Strike plate
  • Sticking or adhesive sheets

Test the Lock Beforehand:

This is the most important yet avoided precautions of all time. You need to test the lock to ensure that it is working correctly. All you need to do is, connect the lock to a plug and check if it is opening and closing properly. If not, the EM lock is probably damaged.

Use Proper Markers:

When installing any EM lock and door access controller, you need perfect measurements. Even a one-millimetre gap could lead to improper installation. Therefore, it is essential to use rulers and proper placement marking as per the size of the EM lock.

Do the Wiring Before Installing EM lock:

Before you fix the EM lock in the door, you need to complete the wiring. If not, you will likely notice no magnetic attraction between the magnet and strike plate. You might also see the lock not releasing due to failure of power.

Final Thoughts:

Installing an EM lock isn’t difficult, provided you follow all the precautions mentioned in this article. If you are still unsure how to install EM locks the right way, you can contact Star Link. We are the leading manufacturer of biometric attendance system and time office software. We not only sell biometric devices but also assist our customers with the installation.

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